The HPTSC System Integration Validation and Verification Organization is your "One Stop Shop" to Integrate, Verify, Validate and Qualify your Products, Vehicles or Systems. System Integration Validation and Verification can provide the tools, the facilities and the expertise necessary to offer a fully independent and self-contained test capability. The Role of the System Integration Validation and Verification team is ensure that all components of the system function correctly in accordance with the design and together in accordance with all pertinent Interface Control documents. Problems are identified and when rectified, appropriate components and systems are retested to ensure that the complete solution meshes into a seamless product, system or System of Systems.

This Test team comprises highly-trained Test Engineers and Test Technologists spanning the spectrum from Junior Technologist to Senior Engineer. A diverse range of skill sets is readily available allowing complete test coverage in areas such as, Bearer Services, Data Networks, System Management and Security, Software and Firmware, Audio/Acoustics/Voice Systems, Environmental, Test Tools, and Test Operations. This team has the expertise to evaluate requirements from concept to final design (requirement definition, analysis, traceability. HPTSC has developed the expertise necessary to design and implement intelligent, responsive, functional or environmental test programs that reflect full life cycle exposure.

The System Integration Validation and Verification group acquires and develops test tools to test and stress your networks: modified sniffers/data loggers to support the customer's specific needs, packet tester (data generation and capture),  BIT error rate tester, automatic logging and automated event driven testing, vibration tables and temperature chambers just to name a few. As well, tools are used to analyze high-level requirements and provide detailed, fully automated, test scripts that ensure both accuracy and repeatability


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