Our core system engineering technical competencies are focused in the areas of:

  • Information Management is focused on getting the right information to the right person at the right time. This is not a trivial task when faced with the realities of bandwidth limitations in the wireless environment, latency, electronic warfare, and the sensitive nature of data in a military operation. GD Canada's approach to solving the problems associated with information management was to develop an extensive and reusable solution framework called DISAF (Data Infrastructure Services and Applications Framework).
  • Network Services is the software that provides the transport mechanisms to move data within the system. HPTSC has the Network Services expertise to reliably move data from a headquarters or command post to a mobile soldier in the field. Industry standard protocols are employed for maximum interoperability, but these standards aren't always the best fit in a low-bandwidth, high-latency environment. Along with supporting industry standard protocols, HPTSC is continually working to understand, implement, and standardize new protocols.
  • Bearer Services provide the backbone of the tactical communication network. HPTSC has expertise in radios, antennas, and ancillaries. This expertise has been proven in delivered, fielded systems that contain HF, VHF, UHF, and Satellite bearers. In addition to integrating industry standard ruggedized, field-proven radios and communication equipment, HPTSC continues to look at future bearers such as the Software Defined Radio. Our investment in these future technologies ensures that we are ready with the solutions that our customers need as their system capabilities evolve.
  • System Management is the capability to plan, initialize, monitor and control all of the hardware and software components of the network. We provide expertise in integrating heterogeneous system components to provide streamlined system management solutions. Our vision is to provide self-managed, self-healing network management solutions focused on policy-based, industry standard system management technologies and standards. We know that our customers want the communication system to support the operation; not the other way around.
  • Operations and Platforms is focused on providing understanding and expertise in the real-world conditions faced in the modern battlefield. HPTSC knows what it takes for our customers to equip, install, and operate high-tech equipment in harsh environments. We have experienced personnel who have been in the field and know what matters to the soldier. In addition to understanding the operational and practical demands of the mission, HPTSC has experience in systems installation and environmental testing to ensure that the system keeps working in the harsh environments faced by our customers.

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