Interoperability Integration
HPTSC integration capability is designed to integrate off-the-shelf sensors; our process provides a flexible vehicle for integration of a modern mission system. This flexibility allows HPTSC to select best in class sensors and subsystems to meet a wide range of operational needs. In addition to independent operations, HPTSC solutions can supports interoperability with other platforms, assets or control posts. Operators are presented a tactical picture involving shared information from other platforms fused with data from local sensors, enhancing their situational awareness over a wider range.

System Deployment Features:
  • A flexible system architecture that can be configured to meet the constraints of functionality, packaging, weight and balance, and redundancy;
  • A mission-oriented operator interface utilizing fully programmable controls and displays;
  • Development of operator interface and toolset involved human factors engineering studies with input from operational aircrew;
  • A fully integrated tactical navigation and data processing component;
  • External interfacing using avionics data bus, Ethernet, ARINC 429, and Fiber Channel
  • Expansion capability to incorporate legacy interfaces where required
  • Operating systems supported; Windows, Solaris, and Linux
  • Interoperable with other platforms through standard military and commercial data links.

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