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At HPTSC, Software Development is an interdisciplinary process. We develop software systems to ensure that the operational capabilities required by the customer are designed into the software products.
HPTSC specializes in the development of complex software for military and first responder’s networks and data terminal applications. Rigorous process is followed to ensure the development of high quality embedded software and data terminal software applications.
The Software Development process at HPTSC involves:

  • Working with the customer and Systems Engineering to understand the current and future operational needs of their communication system and aligning those needs with industry standards and trends as they relate to modern Network Centric Warfare concepts and customer-mandated architectural frameworks;
  • Translating system requirements specifications into software requirements specifications and defining the interfaces between subsystems;
  • Designing the high-level software design to identify components and their interfaces;
  • Working in Integrated Product Development Teams that represent all of the participants in the development of the end software products;
  • Working with the Customer to identify and mitigate technical risks through a structured Risk Management process;
  • Working with System Engineering in order to verify the system capability through rigorous System Integration and Qualification testing; and
  • Working with the Customer to provide Fielding and Product Support of the delivered system.

Our core technical capabilities are found in two main areas of software development - software development on data terminal platforms and software development for embedded processing environments. The key technical capabilities for each of these teams are:

Data Terminal Software Development

Embedded Software Development


Embedded Applications

Networks and Protocols

Embedded Architectures

Operating System Internals

Test Software for Embedded Hardware

Application Development

Network Resource Management

Advanced Algorithm Development

Embedded Operating Systems

User Interface Development

Network Transport Layer

Software Architectures

Network Access Interfaces

Product Build, Integration and Test

Network Routing


Embedded Build, Integration and Test

At HPTSC, we know that the customer operational needs are constantly evolving, and our focus is to ensure that the software developed can grow to address these needs. By maintaining a long-range view on both the customer needs and the industry trends, we provide software systems that work now and evolve as needs change.

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