HPTSC provides our customers with a proven and repeatable methodology for establishing a winning risk management program. In identifying and developing your risk posture, we consider a number of critical program drivers, including performance requirements, cost and schedule constraints, technology maturity, and resource availability. All risk elements are categorized as cost, schedule, or performance risks, and we set priorities according to probability of occurrence, potential impact, risk exposure, and whether they affect the project critical path. HPTSC conduct structured interviews of key project management and engineering personnel working hand in hand with your team to help them quickly identify your most critical internal and external risks. Our approach is non-threatening, unbiased and non–intrusive, facilitating open and honest risk discussion among the participants. The combination of all of these attributes ensures that HPTSC will develop a risk management approach that meets your specific needs.
We can apply our risk assessment process on a case-by-case basis to examine either programs and projects or functional areas. On projects or programs, a point in time assessment provides timely examination of program risks affecting upcoming milestones. On functional area examinations, an assessment gives you insight into your ability to respond to the current marketplace.

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