Effective communications is the cornerstone of the digital battlefield. Without effective communications, an otherwise powerful force can be rendered unable to function in a coordinated manner.
Effective communications and networked solutions require:

  • Ad hoc set up and reconfiguration of mobile networks in a tactical environment;
  • Efficient and bandwidth-aware data and voice routing mechanisms;
  • Ability to reserve bandwidth and network resources to ensure the reliable delivery of high-priority information;
  • Seamless integration of robust and low-bandwidth mobile networks with high-bandwidth, commercial communication networks used in a command post or headquarters; and
  • Ability to counter electronic warfare measures to protect the vital lines of communication.

HPTSC provides best-of-breed, integrated Communications and Networking solutions to suit the specific needs of each customer. The communications and networking solutions take advantage of proven, commercial technologies in the headquarters with reliable, ruggedized communications equipment in the field. To provide maximum flexibility, HPTSC is focused on providing:

  • Policy managed systems to provide rule-based configuration and control;
  • Modular solutions built on industry standards to allow the use of the best equipment and software to suit the individual customer's needs; and
  • Multi-level security built into the hardware and software components of the network to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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