Business Process Analysis & Design:
The goal of any enterprise application is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes within the enterprise. Therefore the process of analyzing and accurately modeling existing or future state business processes is essential.

UACS combines the expertise and insight of both business users and analysts with software development staff to ensure a balance between support for the business model and what can be efficiently and effectively modeled in the system or systems which will support it.

System Selection and Implementation:
Our service begins and ends with a focus on the objectives you need to achieve and the environment in which the systems will operate. Our team will work closely with your organization to ensure that the systems selected to support your enterprise will be efficient and cost- effective now and in the future.

System Design, Development & Implementation:
Effective packaged software solutions exist on the market, but situations arise where customization, system integration, data migration, and custom reporting is required to meet the unique needs of your company. UACS will design and implement applications and applications integration frameworks.

Our Business Process and Application Analysis approach not only recognizes that the skills and expertise of different disciplines are required to be successful, it embraces it with our business partners. We work closely with your organization to assemble analysis teams consisting of business users, analysts, and technical/development staff to ensure an optimal balance between the needs of the user community and the capabilities of the systems supporting it.

This approach, we believe has benefits which go well beyond merely ensuring the success of the project.  Fostering and encouraging knowledge transference and close collaboration between these organizations early on can produce long-lasting and sustainable benefits to enterprise over time.

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