Henley Payne Technology & Science Corporation (HPTSC), certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small business , is a Technology, Engineering, and Science firm headquartered in the Greater Richmond, VA area. HPTSC’s in-depth experience in providing customized best practices solutions in Application Integration, Application and Systems Analysis, Security and Risk Assessment, System and Networking Operational Support, Situational Awareness Technology, and Command and Control Management Systems successfully addresses our client’s requirements. This experience includes support to commercial organizations, government entities, and non-profit organizations in strategically planning and successfully implementing technologies to address or enhance operational performance to maximize their return on investment (ROI). HPTSC is fully prepared to support the client’s mission as well as its day-to-day operations and is experienced in analyzing, architecting, developing and deploying collaborative enterprise, situational awareness, and command & control systems. Our management culture helps clients create an organized process of controls and improvements. Our current business analysis process allows us to create an analytical framework to objectively gather information about business processes, subject the information to a formal analysis process, understand the information and data flows, and document the information. We start with a functional phasing plan; then analyze the current environment, process, and/or conditions; and finally, recommend enhancements to operational procedures and/or processes. 

HPTSC Systems takes command and control beyond the platform, providing a common operating picture and execution planning tools that connect core to edge. Our command and control solutions address the increasingly complex scenarios for security, emergency response, and war fighting, helping to facilitate the sharing of relevant knowledge with those who need it. HPTSC engineers and develops software applications and system to utilize the latest in technology to improve command and control for improved situational awareness for governments, security forces, and other entities looking to leverage technology for better intelligence gathering. HPTSC improves on existing hardware designs, to developing complete systems leveraging technology, software, and science to improve the capabilities of high performance sensors and intelligence processes and navigation systems operating in all environments from undersea to outer space. We solve our customers' problems with innovative applications of technology and science.



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