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This online identity manual is intended to inform Henley Payne Technology & Science Corporation employees and other parties on the appropriate usage of the HPTSC visual identity elements, nomenclature and company style guidelines.

Why use the HPTSC Identity standards

The HPTSC logotype as well as the correct nomenclature, must appear on the front of any publication or printed piece, including brochures, newsletters, advertisements, posters and banners. The company’s logotype must also be used on all organizational Web home and sublevel pages and be visible on the initial load for a 1024x768 screen.

The integrity of the graphic elements must be maintained in publications and on websites. No changes may be made to their design, proportion, typeface or other attributes. Any deviation from these rules and standards must be submitted to HPTSC's Marketing Committee for approval.

Who should use them

Supervisors, managers, editors, graphic designers, and external constituents should review this online manual carefully before creating any materials that promote the company using the HPTSC Identity. In addition, any vendors or other external resources — including advertising agencies, graphic designers and printers — should reference this guide to ensure proper identity usage and submit final designs for approval to HPTSC's Marketing Committee.

When you should use them

The HPTSC Identity Manual has been prepared to assist all those promoting the identity of their units and health care services to ensure a clear, contemporary and consistent design. The manual should be used as a resource when developing print publications, websites, stationery and any other promotional materials.

How to download the identity elements

Employees of the company will have public access the HPTSC Identity Manual’s downloads section. They may access the company-approved logo files and a stock photography gallery (when available) for use in various marketing outlets.

External constituents may e-mail or call (804) 288-8270 ext. 2012 for assistance.

Where to send questions and submissions

For questions concerning use of the HPTSC Identity elements or to submit a design to HPTSC's Marketing Committee, please e-mail or call (804) 288-8270 ext. 2012.