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The Henley Payne Technology & Science Corporation Identity Manual ensures that the company's identity is always represented in a consistent manner that continues to build local, national and international recognition, providing Henley Payne Technology & Science Corporation with a visual signature for all forms of communication.

Primary logos

The HPTSC logo includes two parts that must always be paired together: the planet and the HPTSC acronym below. HPTSC' identity must be included on all company-related communications within the company. For example, the HPTSC identity must appear on the cover of all printed materials and on the main page of all websites and electronic communications, as well as any other media and promotional materials.

The font choice, letter-spacing, and etc. should not be mutilated as each of these elements can change the presentation of the company's identity. Please do not attempt to recreate the logo under any circumstances.

The colors of all HPTSC identity should be reproduced in accordance to the HPTSC Identity Manual’s color specifications. The manual provides Pantone©, CMYK, RGB, and HEX builds to follow when replicating the official HPTSC tan, green, and grey.

The creation of separate logos for HPTSC departments must include the planet and the HPTSC below and receive approval from HPTSC's Marketing Committee before use in promotional materials. The addition of gradations, 3D effects, drop shadows and outlines are not permitted treatments to the HPTSC identity elements unless approved beforehand. The HPTSC identity elements should not be vertically stacked, or used at an angle other than 0 degrees.

To download graphic elements please go to the download center. External constituents may e-mail or call (804) 288-8270 ext. 2012 for assistance.



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