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Effective Command and Control requires the seamless integration of available resources to allow the ability to observe, orient, decide and act at a high operational tempo.
HPTSC employs systems with integrated Situational Awareness and Surveillance sensors, both ground-based and airborne, to allow the commander to observe the area of interest.
By providing geo-referenced information against a backdrop of industry standard GIS systems, HPTSC provides the ability to orient the information against the identified objective. Integrated systems provide the ability to associate disparate sources of information to provide a common operational picture.
With the consolidated information at hand, the commander can decide on the appropriate course of action and quickly act to respond to a changing environment.
The automated and efficient dissemination of information ensures that commander's orders get to the people who need the information, when they need it, making the best possible use of the limited bandwidth available on the battlefield.
HPTSC provides integrated Command and Control solutions that address the needs of modern defense operations by allowing for:

  • Shared situational awareness;
  • Common data and information models based on industry standards;
  • Effective resource management (equipment, bandwidth, and personnel);
  • Multi-level security enforcing and assuring appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information; and
  • Interoperable solutions that provide a shared common operational picture for Joint, Coalition, Strategic, and Civilian operations.

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